Swicorp announces the latest developments on temporary lockdown of malls (gradually reopened).

Further to the Swicorp Company “Fund Manager” announcement on Tadawul dated on 06 Ramadan 1441H corresponding to April 29, 2020 on its website and Tadawul website regarding the partial reopening of the Fund’s Malls.

Pursuant to the government directives issued on Shawwal 2, 1441H corresponding to May 25, 2020G, the Company hereby announces that mall will be gradually reopened back to business-as usual and currently open from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm until Shawwal 28, 1441H corresponding to 20 June 2020. Also, restaurant and cafes have been allowed to take indoor orders at this stage, and that are subject to comply with all precautionary measures that set by the competent authorities are observed, although all activities that do not provide for social distancing, like entertainment centers, cinemas and other activities specified by competent authorities, will continue to be disallowed during this stage. The Company shall abide by and implement all government decisions that may be issued in this regard.