Swicorp Announces a change in the Board of Directors of Swicorp Wabel REIT Fund

Swicorp announces a change in the board of directors of Swicorp Wabel REIT Fund due to the resignation of the Board Member Mr. Majed Diaauddin Kareem (Independent) on 19 Shawal 1442H corresponding to 31 May 2021G. The Fund Board of Directors will have the following members after the change:

1. Daniel Schenker (Non-Independent)

2. Hammad Mughal (Non-Independent)

3. Kwok Hansim (Non-Independent)

4. Faisal Mohammed Al Abdulkarim (Non-Independent)

5. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Dahayan (Non-Independent)

6. Hussam Mohammed Abdulraouf (Independent)

7. Ahmed Tawfiq Al Kusayer (Independent)

8. Ahmed Abdulaziz Bin Hasan (Independent)