Swicorp Announces a change in the Board of Directors of Swicorp Wabel REIT Fund

Swicorp announces a change in the board of directors of Swicorp Wabel REIT Fund due to Appointment of the Board Member Mr. Bandar Fayeh Alotaibi (Non-Independent) from 04/03/1443H corresponding to 10/10/2021G. The Fund Board of Directors will have the following members after the change:

1. Daniel Schenker (Non-Independent)

2. Kwok Hansim (Non-Independent)

3- Bandar Fayeh Alotaibi (Non-Independent)

4. Faisal Mohammed Al Abdulkarim (Non-Independent)

5. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Dahayan (Non-Independent)

6. Hussam Mohammed Abdulraouf (Independent)

7. Ahmed Tawfiq Al Kusayer (Independent)

8. Ahmed Abdulaziz Bin Hasan (Independent)