• Asset Management

    1. Real Estate Fund

      Swicorp has a distinct track record in providing real estate advisory services both locally and internationally and establishing real estate funds in various sectors.

      Swicorp prides with its real estate team expertise and qualifications, as they are distinguished by:

      • Extensive experience in the local and international real estate market.
      • High efficiency in providing various real estate investment services such as acquisition, exit, financing, development and real estate management.
      • Creating attractive and customizable investment opportunities.

      In 2014 Swicorp Asset Management also made its foray into Real Estate investment products to capitalize on our experience in the sector. The first fund launched was Al Dhawahi Real Estate Fund, then followed by Ewan Al Qayrawan Real Estate Fund in 2015 and Ewan Al Maali Real Estate Fund in 2016.

      In 2017 Swicorp announced the launch of Swicorp Bawabt Makkah Development Fund which gives all investors the opportunity to participate in the development process in Makkah by investing in such type of development projects for more information (please click here).

    2. Listed securities

      Swicorp Asset Management team has been managing the firm’s proprietary capital since 2007 across various asset classes, predominantly Listed Securities in MENA.

      The first fund to be made available to outside investors was Tharwa Fund, which is a long only MENA equities fund, regulated by the CMA. The investment objective is to generate consistent positive absolute returns, enabled by intensive research and active portfolio management.

      Our approach to investment has yielded high returns since inception and proved to be robust in challenging market conditions.

      Swicorp also offers investors the possibility to manage their portfolios following investment strategies tailor made to serve their specific needs. Our teams have extensive experience in designing, back-testing and implementing investment processes aimed to achieve pre-defined goals under various constraints.

  • Investment Banking

    Swicorp’s specific focus on the Middle East and Africa and track record of pioneering transactions across the MENA region for over more than 25 years have enabled the firm to build lasting relationships with a wide range of leading regional and international corporations. Clients benefit from dedicated senior level attention from a corporate team that is among the largest and most experienced in the MEA region.

    Swicorp offers a wide range of investment banking services tailored to the specific needs of each client and is committed to achieving bottom-line results.

      1. Debt AdvisorySwicorp works closely with clients to carry out important financing reviews and to develop financial models for decision evaluation and support of both short and long-term financing goals.Swicorp assists clients in identifying sources of debt capital, then negotiating debt transactions on their behalf in order to obtain the best possible terms
      2. Real Estate and Structured FinanceIn recent years, Swicorp has developed a particular expertise in providing structured finance solutions to real estate development companies and projects and is actively involved in several of the mega infrastructure projects currently transforming the landscape across Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Swicorp has also acted as financial advisor to some of the largest real estate development projects in the Holy Cities of Makkah and MadinahSwicorp assists its clients to optimise their capital structure and ensure sufficient liquidity to allow business units to operate freely. In devising innovative structured financing solutions that enable clients to capture new investment and business opportunities or support growing operational needs, Swicorp acts to create a financial profile consistent with corporate aims and objectives.
      3. M&A and Strategic AdvisorySwicorp engineers links between compatible value-adding entities to maximize shareholder wealth and provide assistance across each step of the transaction process, from the early seeds of an idea through to a successful closing. Swicorp understands the need to bridge the cultural and information gaps which may exist between corporations and investors with sometimes differing perspective

    Whether Swicorp initiates the opportunity or is requested to assist in the implementation of established strategies, we utilize a comprehensive range of in-house resources, complemented where beneficial by selective outsourcing to provide the necessary expertise to investigate and validate all aspects of the transaction.

  • Oaklins International AllianceSwicorp is the MENA representative of Oaklins International Inc., the world’s leading alliance of M&A advisory and investment banking organizationsAs part of its strategic development and thanks to its firmly established reputation Swicorp became a member of the Oaklins International Inc. alliance (or “Oaklins”) and represents it in the MENA region.Oaklins was created in 1985 to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of highly specialised merger and acquisition advisory and investment banking firms across the globe.Oaklins has grown to become a leading network of M&A advisory and investment banking firms with 46 member firms spread in 40 countries around the globe, bringing expert support of over 600 professionals to client organizations. Its members advise primarily middle-market companies on acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, divestitures, fundraising and fairness opinions. Oaklins members have closed over 1,300 transactions worth more than USD75 bn and completed 300 cross-border deals in the past five years alone.