This document has been prepared by Swicorp, a Saudi-based company under CR No. 1010233360 on 06-05-1428 AH, corresponding to 23-05-2007, licensed by SAGIA under No. 10030104289 and considered as an Authorized Person (AP) under the CMA license No. 37 – 12161, in accordance with the regulations of Real Estate Investment Funds issued by the CMA pursuant to resolution No. 2006-193-1 dated 19/6/1427H corresponding to 15/7/2006G, and the instruction of the Real Estate Investment Traded Funds issued by the CMA pursuant to the resolution No. 6-130-2016 dated 23-01-1438 AH (corresponding to 24-10-2016).
This document should be used as a supplement, not as a substitute for the Fund Terms and Condition (T&C). Potential investors must read the T&C before making any decision relating to investment in the Fund. Potential investors shall not deal with the contents of this document or the T&C as an investment advice. All investors shall investigate and verify the opportunity and feasibility of investment in the Fund, with respect to the advantages and risks involved in investing in the Fund. Investors are advised to consult their financial advisors, legal advisors and accountants regarding the purchase, retention and disposition of fund units.

The risk level associated with an investment in the Fund is classified as medium to high, therefore the Fund may not be suitable for risk averse or low risk preferences investors as the prices of the Fund’s units or dividend may fall due to the certain risks related to the investment in the Fund. Consequently, the Fund does not entail any guarantee that such investment shall not incur any loss. The potential investors are advised to consult an independent financial advisor licensed by the CMA prior to making an investment decision in relation to the offer Units. Accordingly, the purchase of such units is only suitable for investors who can bear the risks associated with such investments. For more information in regard the risk pertains to the investment in the fund please refer to Article 7 of the Fund’s Terms and Conditions.
The information contained herein is, to the best knowledge and belief of the Fund Manager, true and correct in all material respects and is not misleading. In preparing this document, the Fund Manager exercise reasonable due diligence. CMA neither bear any responsibility regarding the content of this document nor grant any warranties regarding their accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss that may be incurred from reliance on any part of these document. Each recipient of this document is responsible for making his own independent evaluation of the information contained herein.

All fees and expenses mentioned do not include the Value Added Tax (VAT) unless disclosed otherwise. Amount of taxes imposed or exemptions of them are subject to changes in the future.”

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